Twenty Questions With Casey Powell

4/7/11 12:29 PM

Twenty Questions With Casey Powell

We asked the best player in the history of Major League Lacrosse 22 questions to get to know him better before he returns to lead the Rochester Rattlers back into Major League Lacrosse this summer.

Check out his answers below and get to know CP a little bit better.

Name:  Casey Powell

Position:  A/M

Years Playing Lacrosse:  22

Hometown:  West Carthage, New York

Favorite place to visit/live:  Florida

College:  Syracuse

Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment:  Watching my brothers win National Championships

Nickname:  CP

What is “Must See TV” for you?  Two and a Half Men

What is your favorite video game?  Mike Tyson’s Punchout

Favorite Food:   Garbage plate

Favorite Movie:  Hoosiers

Favorite Band:  Mikey Powell

Favorite Actress:  Cameron Diaz

Favorite Actor:  Will Farrell

Favorite Athlete:  Larry Bird

Favorite Sports Team:  Rochester Rattlers

First Job:  mowing lawns

Worst job:  bar back

What would you be doing if not a Pro Lacrosse player:  pro baseball

What is your hidden talent:  juggling

The weirdest autograph request you’ve ever had?  athletic supporter

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05/17 6:00PM EST @ Cannons (L)  17 - 16 Recap
05/30 7:00PM EST @ Bayhawks (W)  11 - 15 Recap
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