Twenty Questions with Jason LaShomb

4/11/11 10:11 AM

Twenty Questions with Jason LaShomb

Jason LaShomb is a native of Rush, New York and a graduate of The Aquinas Institute (2005).  We asked him twenty questions to get to know him a little bit better.  Check out his answers below.

Name:  Jason LaShomb

Position:  Goalie

Hometown:  Rush, New York

College:  Mercyhurst College

Years Playing Lacrosse:  15 years

Favorite place to visit/live:  Denver, Colorado

Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment:  Playing for the 2007 Division II National Championship

Nickname:  Jay

What is “Must See TV” for you?:  Modern Family on ABC

What is you favorite video game?:  NHL ’11 for Xbox 360

Favorite Food:  Steak and garlic mashed potatoes

Favorite Movie:  You, Me, and Dupree

Favorite Band:  30 Seconds to Mars

Favorite Actress:  Natalie Portman

Favorite Actor:  Owen Wilson

Favorite Athlete:  Wayne Gretzky

Favorite Sports Team:  The New York Jets

First Job:  Landscaping

Worst Job:  Fortunate enough not to have a terrible job! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

What would you be doing if not a Pro Lacrosse player:  Teaching Summer School

What is your hidden talent:  Unfortunately don’t have any

The weirdest autograph request you’ve ever had?  A dollar bill

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