Twenty Questions with Ari Sussman

4/18/11 3:07 PM

Twenty Questions with Ari Sussman

Name:  Ari Sussman

Position:  Attack

Years Playing Lacrosse:  13

Hometown:  New Haven, CT.

College:  Dartmouth College

Favorite place to visit/live:  Aspen, Colorado

Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment:  Beating Cornell in Gillette Stadium during my senior year

Nickname:  Suss

What is “Must See TV” for you?  Californication

What is your favorite video game?  Tony Hawk 3 for PS2

Favorite Food:  New Haven Pizza, best in the world

Favorite Movie:  Surf’s Up

Favorite Band:  Talib Kweli

Favorite Actress:  Meg Ryan

Favorite Actor:  Patrick Swayze

Favorite Athlete:  Mike Richter

Favorite Sports Team:  Washington Redskins and New York Rangers

First Job:  Counselor at Camp Billings, a summer camp on Lake Fairlee, Vermont

Worst Job:  Groundskeeper at a local golf course

What would you be doing if not a Pro Lacrosse player:  Before I got drafted, I was trying to join the PGA tour so I could make some cash and retain my grandmother’s house, which had been foreclosed on due to back taxes.  Had I not been selected in the draft, I would be continuing to pursue this goal.

What is your hidden talent:  Board Games (i.e. Risk, Othello, Scrabble)

The weirdest autograph request you’ve ever had?  One time at an all-star game, someone mistook me for Max Quinzani

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