Meet All-Star Martin Cahill

By Sean Heenehan |  6/30/11 11:00 AM

Meet All-Star Martin Cahill

Boston area native Martin Cahill tells us his thoughts on coming home for the All-Star Game and how he likes to get ready to play.

What's is like to play alongside some of the greatest players in the world? How does that affect your game?

To play alongside some of the greatest players in the world is surely an honor. If anything, it helps expand your game because you are able to take a few things away from playing with the greatest players in the world.

Are you excited to come back to Boston to play and represent yourself and the Rattlers?

Growing up I have always resided in Boston and playing at University of Delaware hasn’t given me much opportunity to come back to play in my hometown. Representing the Rattlers and myself in my hometown is probably one of the most exciting moments in my lacrosse career and I am looking forward to making it a great night.

Do you have any family coming to watch you play?

With my family living so close to the stadium and not having the ability to see many games it is a great opportunity for them to come and see me play. I will have multiple family members and friends in the crowd and I am looking forward to it.

What are you looking forward to during the whole All-Star weekend?

I am looking forward to meeting some of the guys that I haven’t met yet. I am sure that the All- Star party and picking of the teams will be a great time as well.

What music do you have playing in your headphones during pre-game?

During pre-game you will usually hear some Pearl Jam mixed in with some techno on my playlist. I like to change it up so once I hear some new songs I usually change my playlist up.

Will you be doing anything special for the event? Do you have any special guests or people that you are excited to share this experience with?

I will be taking part in the freestyle event so we are just going to have to wait and see if I bring any special guests out for that one.

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