23-Man Protected Rosters Announced

9/24/10 1:00 PM

23-Man Protected Rosters Announced


Major League Lacrosse Announces 23-Man Protected Rosters

Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, has announced each team’s 23-Man Protected Roster for 2011.  All players left unprotected will be eligible to re-enter the player pool for the 2011 season.

Teams will have the opportunity to fill their 40-man rosters in the upcoming 2011 Supplemental Draft which will be held in December.

The following players were protected:

Boston Cannons:

A - Ryan Boyle                                    D - Chris Passavia

D - Mitch Belisle                                 A - Matt Poskay

M - Kevin Buchanan                          A - Max Quinzani

G - Jordan Burke                                M - Paul Rabil

M - Matt Casey                                    D - Jack Reid

A - Jimmy Connolly                            M - Brad Ross

M - Greg Downing                              M - Matt Smalley

FO - Chris Eck                                     M - Mike Stone

M - Pat Heim                                        D - Kyle Sweeney

M - Chris Nixon                                   G - Kip Turner

D - Ryan Nizolek                                 M - Justin Smith

FO - John Ortolani


Chicago Machine:

D - Greg Bice                                    M - Bill McGlone

M - Steven Brooks                            A - Kenny Nims

M - Martin Cahill                               M - Jarrett Park

M - Brian Clayton                             M - Justin Pennington

A - Ned Crotty                                   A - Casey Powell

G - Mike Gabel                                 G - Doc Schneider

M - Brett Garber                                M - Doug Shanahan

D - Diogo Godoi                               M - Josh Sims

D - Kyle Guadagnolo                       D - Joe Smith

FO - Anthony Kelly                           M - Matt Striebel

A - Mike Leveille                               D - Steve Whittenberg

M - Jordan Levine

Chesapeake Bayhawks:

M - Matt Abbott                                  G - Brian Phipps

A - Brian Carroll                                M - Peet Poillon

D - Joe Cinosky                                M - Jed Prossner

D - Sam DeVore                               M - Jeff Reynolds

M - Kyle Dixon                                  D - PT Ricci

D - Michael Evans                            A - Ben Rubeor

G - Chris Garrity                                M - Jeremy Sieverts

A - Danny Glading                            FO - Alex Smith

D - Kyle Hartzell                                M - Brian Vetter

M - Ben Hunt                                      M - Kyle Wimer

M - Michael Kimmel                          A - Jeff Zywicki

D - Ray Megill                       


Denver Outlaws:

D – Matt Bocklet                                 A – Connor Martin

A – Matt Brown                                   D – Eric Martin

M – Casey Cittadino                          D – Ryan McFadyen

D – Ken Clausen                                A – Brendan Mundorf

M – Will Dalton                                    D – Dillon Roy

M – Sean DeLaney                            G – Jesse Schwartzman

G – Adam Fullerton                            M – Max Seibald

M – Steve Giannone                          M – Kevin Unterstein

M – Dan Hardy                                    M – Nate Watkins

FO – Andrew Hennessey                  A – Drew Westervelt

M – Alex Hopmann                             D – Lee Zink

M – Brian Langtry

Long Island Lizards:

G - Drew Adams                                    M - Albert Maione

M - Stephen Berger                              D - Parker McKee

D - Dan Cocchi                                      D - John Orsen

A - Keith Cromwell                                D - Ricky Pages

A - Matt Danowksi                                 M - Stephen Peyser

M - Chris Fiore                                       D - Nicky Polanco

M - John Glynn                                      D - Christian Scuderi

A - Tim Goettelmann                            D - Brian Spallina

A - Zack Greer                                       M - Mike Unterstein

FO - Greg Gurenlian                            FO - Peter Vlahakis

G - Brent Herbst                                    M - Mike Ward

M - Scott Kocis

Toronto Nationals:

D – Mac Allen                                        A - Corey Small

A – Garrett Billings                               M - Billy-Dee Smith                

M – Brett Bucktooth                              D - Sid Smith

A -  Chris Daniello                                FO  - Geoff Snider

M – Dan Dawson                                  M - Mark Steenhuis

A – John Grant, Jr.                                A - Merrick Thomson

M – Jordan Hall                                    D - Mike Timms

M – Kevin Huntley                               D - Matt Vinc

A – Cody Jamieson                             D - Steven Waldeck

D – Daniel MacRae                             M – Joe Walters

D - Brodie Merrill                                 

G - Brett Queener

G - Scott Rodgers


About Major League Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, commenced play in June of 2001.  The MLL is comprised of six teams located in Boston, Chesapeake, Chicago, Denver, Long Island and Toronto.  The eleventh season of MLL action is slated to begin May 14, 2011.  The 2011 MLL All-Star Game will take place on Saturday, July 9th in Boston, Massachusetts at Harvard Stadium at 7 PM ET.  The season will culminate with MLL Championship Weekend, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28 with all three games televised live on ESPN2. 

Major League Lacrosse was founded by Jake Steinfeld and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit the Official League website at

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