10/4/11 2:15 PM


The Rochester Rattlers have traded four players and a draft pick to the Ohio Machine as they prepare their roster for the Wednesday, October 12th Expansion Draft Protected List.  Major League Lacrosse teams will only be allowed to protect ten to twelve players on their roster during the MLL Expansion Draft.  The other players will be available for the Charlotte Hounds and the Ohio Machine to select on December 7th

The Rattlers traded veteran defensemen Greg Bice, faceoff specialist Anthony Kelly, midfielder Brett Garber, and back-up goalie Stefan Schroder and the fifteenth overall pick in the 2012 MLL Draft to the Ohio Machine.  The Rochester Rattlers received the first and twenty-fifth overall picks in the MLL Expansion Draft and the tenth and eighteenth overall pick in the 2012 MLL Collegiate Entry Draft from the Ohio Machine. 

Greg Bice, Anthony Kelly, and Stefan Schroder are returning to Columbus, Ohio to play for the Ohio Machine.  All three players attended The Ohio State University.  Brett Garber will be joining his father Ted, who will be the head coach of the Ohio Machine.  The fifteenth overall pick in the 2012 MLL Collegiate entry draft is the draft pick that the Rochester Rattlers acquired from the Hamilton Nationals for Casey Powell.

The Rochester Rattlers now have nineteen players on their roster and have to pick twelve players to protect by next Wednesday.  “We really like our 2011 Draft Class.  Our priority this off-season is to protect as much of that talent as possible.  This deal allows us to really reduce our exposure to the Expansion Draft while adding guys who can fill some immediate needs for us.  It also gives us a chance to add to our young nucleus with another big draft in 2012.” said Rattlers coach Tim Soudan.

The trade with the Ohio Machine leaves the Rochester Rattlers with ten picks in the 2012 MLL Collegiate Entry Draft.  Five of those ten draft picks will be in the first three rounds.

“This deal really works well for both teams.  We’re sending Greg, Anthony, Stefan, and Brett home to play in Columbus.  We’re receiving draft picks that we are looking to use in a couple of different ways.  Not only can we build on the great base of young talent that we have here in Rochester, but now we can also use these picks to go out and acquire veteran players to fill some of our immediate needs.”  said Rob Clark, Owner and General Manager of the Rochester Rattlers.

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