MLL Players Stickin' It To Sandy

By majorleaguelax |  12/17/12 12:00 AM

Hurricane Sandy took its toll on the East Coast, wreaking havoc for many and affecting countless others in the process. Among those hardest hit were members of the lacrosse community, including several of MLL's players, who have since been prompted into action. Two players in particular, Boston Cannon's Mitch Belisle and Rochester Rattler's Matt Striebel, worked with their company,Trilogy Lacrosse, to organize a Hurricane Sandy Relief Clinic and Exhibition Game. "Stick it to Sandy" was held on Saturday, December 8th, at the Atlantic Beach Club in Manasquan, New Jersey, right on the Jersey Shore. The event featured instructional clinics led by top MLL players, a raffle with prizes including player worn gear, Boston Cannons suite tickets, and protective equipment (just to name a few), as well as a 7-on-7 exhibition game featuring some of MLL's best. Youth players had the chance to learn from the professionals at every position, with Greg Gurenlian (Long Island Lizards), Tyler Fiorito (Chesapeake Bayhawks), Dan Groot (Rochester Rattlers), Michael Manley (Rochester Rattlers), and Chris Boland (Boston Cannons). The day also include special presentations of equipment and donations to families in need, all in spirit of the cause.

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The game's success paved the way for the League to entertain bringing one of its marquee events back to the area as it looks to expand.
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